Introduction of ForAchiever

ForAchiever is an online test platform that provides a smart test for different grades. Learning should be fun, easy, and effective. We build learning test patterns that encourages all the learners to believe in the power “I can.” ForAchiever aspires to offer you the best in digital learning to complement your skills – anytime and anywhere.

How It Works?

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Sign Up with ForAchiever Application and get started for the preparation.
2Take Test
Access our test papers and get prepared for admissions and gifted programs.
3Know Your Result
Get a detailed solution report of your tests and track your progress.
Compare your results with the top rankers.
5Ask For Help
Drop an email to our help desk team and get an instant response.

Guide your child for preparing, practicing and improving the test Scores

How Are We Different?

Easy to use We integrate easily to access practice tests for smooth learning. It encourages children to practice more.
Strengthen Skills We motivate children for regular practice to strengthen mental and logical ability. Inferring real-time questions makes it more comfortable for a child to recall complex formulas and Vocabulary.
Affordable We provide various practice tests, which are affordable to all.
Online and Offline Access We provide a convenient way to access this app online as well as offline. Children can take tests at their own pace.
Flexible There is no time bound to take tests. Tests can be taken according to your flexibility of time and place.
Independent learning Independent learning enhances children to identify their strengths and areas of improvement and achieve mastery in each concept.
Questions from Experts The Questions are designed from experts having rich experience in the subject.
A Pool of Papers We have a huge pool of question papers designed by experts. Children thus can leverage this resource by practicing the mock tests and get used to the test paper pattern.
Practice Mock Test Take free practice tests multiple times by answering a variety of questions, and multiple mock tests are available.
Track Progress Detailed analytic report to analyze your performance. Identify your strengths, weaknesses, and maximize scores.
Leaderboard Real-time leaderboard to compare your performance with the toppers.
Explanation View descriptions for each incorrectly answered questions within each practice test.